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About CSFM

  • Welcome to the farm!  This is the Crystal Springs Farm Market
  • After 35 years in telecommunications design, construction and testing, it was time to come home and fulfill my real dream - providing a wholesome environment for pick-your-own enthusiasts to obtain fresh farm products at a reasonable cost. 
  • The farm layout began in 2008 and we sold our first U-pick products in 2011.  We started with some advertising.  This built a small customer base.  Customers told their friends about the farm and so our customer base continued to grow.  
  • Thanks to all for your loyal support!       Wes Fitzpatrick III

Picking Suggestions

  • Bring plenty of water for all your pickers!
  • The mid-day summer heat can diminish the joy of picking, especially for the younger ones.  So, respect the heat and work around it.  Let us know if you would like to pick early morning or late in the evening
  • If you like picking in one place for a while then bring a lawn chair, or a bucket to sit on.  This really helps relieve back strain.
  • Don't get sunburned!  If you burn easily, don't forget your sun-block lotion,  A light-weight long-sleeve shirt or wide-brimmed hat may provide additional protection too.
  • This being Mississippi, fire ants have a presence in our picking area too.  Those who wear shoes and socks rarely have a problem with them.  Those who wear sandals or other open-toe shoes may not be so fortunate.
  • Generally mosquitoes are not a problem, but if you or your family are "mosquito magnets" then bring some insect repellant or other protective clothing.
  • We raise bees in the area to pollinate our crops. The bees are not aggressive but anyone allergic to stings should let us know and should always have their personal first aid kit available.
  • We provide picking buckets in 1-gal, 2-gal and 5-gal sizes. We have left-over shopping bags to put your berries in, but we suggest that you bring a cooler or cardboard box to hold the bags and help control the heat during transport.
  • Always call ahead to verify the crop you need is available, and so that we can be sure someone will be here to assist you.
  • And the most important point:  Bring your family and friends!