Our varieties include Alapaha, Premiere, Brightwell, Tifblue, Powderblue, Climax, Ochlockonee, and others.  Generally you may plan on early June as the beginning of our blueberry season.

Crystal  Springs  Farm  Market

Farm News                

  • June begins berry picking time at our farm!  Call to set up a picking date and time convenient to you.
  • Pesticide Note:  We prefer to avoid use of pesticides.  If a pest can only be controlled by use of a pesticide the customers will be informed. 
  • The demand for the return of thornless blackberries has been overwhelming!  So they are coming back!  But we will have to occasionally use a pesticide to control the fruit fly that caused problems originally. 
  • U-pick prices: Blueberries $9 per gallon.  Blackberries $12 per gallon.
  • We provide picking buckets. You provide coolers, boxes or other containers to transport your berries safely.
  • Raw Honey $12 per quart.  Chunk Honey (raw honey with some honeycomb included) $14 per quart.​
  • Several varieties of Muscadines have been planted.  Hopefully they will be available for picking in a few years. 
  • Coming in the future:  Raspberries (trying another variety),  wild plums, quince, Japanese Persimmon and a blueberry that may produce into hot July!  That may help bridge the gap to muscadine season.
  • Quantity Discounts:  Ask about quantity discounts on all our farm products.
  • Thanks to all my pickers and customers.  You are really special!

We are a pick-your-own farm located south of the beautiful town of Crystal Springs, Mississippi.  Primarily our products include blueberries and our own local honey.  Occasionally other produce is available.  Most picking areas are wheelchair accessible.  A clean restroom is also provided.  Customers should call to coordinate a convenient and comfortable picking time.  Beat the heat!  Pick early morning or late evening.  Call or text 601-835-7305.

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